• Structural Feasibility
  • Structural Investigations and Reports
  • Structural Analysis and Design   
  •      Buildings  
  •           Mixed use  
  •           Office  
  •           Retail  
  •           School  
  •           Medical  
  •           Resorts  
  •           Industrial  
  •           Research & Development  
  •           Laboratory  
  •           Churches  
  •           Event Centers  
  •      Retaining walls  
  •      Bridges  
  •      Culverts
  • Site Observations
  • Value Engineering


Lattimer Engineering is a consulting engineering firm, licensed in 5 states (CO, CA, NV, WY and MI), offering structural engineering services for private (commercial and residential) and public entities with offices in Boulder and Denver. We are committed to making your project a success; in particular with a drive to provide exceptional service through collaboration, creativity and constructability.

Our experience is extensive and ranges widely and includes; residential and commercial buildings working with timber and steel, resort buildings using composite steel and big timber trusses, apartment complexes using post-tension concrete, office buildings utilizing composite steel as well as masonry with steel joists, day care center with structural steel and post-tension slab on grade, multi-family buildings composed of timber and steel.